Monat: Januar 2021

Reasons which may make SEC approve Bitcoin ETFs

The SEC has several reasons to approve an ETF Bitcoin, but it is not yet clear how the Biden government will deal with the cryptomime market. Joe Biden may nominate Gary Gensler, a former MIT teacher who taught blockchain classes, to take over the Securities and Exchange Commission. The news sparked optimism in the cryptomaniac…

Von admin 22. Januar 2021 Aus

Primo Rico says it „blinks“ and Bitcoin values more

Thiago Nigro, who recently regretted the sale of Bitcoin, commented again on the currency. Accompanying Bitcoin’s high for some years, youtuber Thiago Nigro commented on the subject again. According to Primo Rico, as he is known on the internet, when he „flashes“, Bitcoin values in the market. He followed closely the performance of Bitcoin in…

Von admin 9. Januar 2021 Aus

O projeto Loopring (LRC) de escala de camada 2 dispara

O projeto Loopring (LRC) de escala de camada 2 dispara mais de 50% mais alto em meio ao congestionamento da rede Ethereum Como todo o mercado de criptogramas foi mais elevado no último dia, a rede Ethereum ficou congestionada. A taxa média de gás que os usuários estavam Bitcoin Revolution pagando ontem à noite estava…

Von admin 5. Januar 2021 Aus