Robinhood imposes restrictions on crypto trading following DOGE rally

Robinhood has limited cryptocurrency trading based on exceptional market conditions.

A similar event took place a few days earlier this week with Gamestop and other actions.

The accelerated rise in the price of DOGE played an important role in the high volatility of trading, which led to this event.

An overheating market

The rise in the price of DOGE has drawn enormous attention to Robinhood. Cryptocurrency traders began to complain about their inability to access the app soon after the sudden surge. The platform then deactivated deposits, only allowing its users to buy cryptocurrencies with already existing funds.

Bitcoin Millionaire said it imposed the restriction due to the sudden increase in market volatility, according to a CNBC report . A spokesperson for the company explained:

“Due to the exceptional market conditions, we have temporarily disabled instant purchasing power for crypto… Customers can still use settled funds to purchase cryptocurrency. We will continue to monitor market conditions and communicate with our customers ”.

A similar event had led the investment platform to suspend the operations of GameStop . The other titles concerned were Nokia (NOK) and AMC Entertainment (AMC). This development has sparked complaints from market players through social networks.

Dogecoin price surge

Robinhood made the decision following the sudden rise in the price of DOGE, which rose more than 800% on Friday January 29. The crypto currency has developed a trend of sudden spikes after a long period of inactivity.

Additionally, Tesla founder Elon Musk contributed to this price hike. On Thursday January 28, he posted a post on Twitter, showing the cover of a “Dogue” magazine. This prompted market participants to create buying pressure, which led to the price rising.

Robinhood imposes restrictions on crypto trading following DOGE rally

Reasons which may make SEC approve Bitcoin ETFs

The SEC has several reasons to approve an ETF Bitcoin, but it is not yet clear how the Biden government will deal with the cryptomime market.

Joe Biden may nominate Gary Gensler, a former MIT teacher who taught blockchain classes, to take over the Securities and Exchange Commission. The news sparked optimism in the cryptomaniac market that he would be the best informed person about this new form of investment to chair the regulatory agency.

Gensler is not an advocate of all cryptomaps, however, it is worth noting that he has plenty of experience with the pros and cons of digital assets and blockchain technology.

If the appointment is confirmed, Gensler is likely to rush to approve a Bitcoin Exchange-traded fund (ETF), showing that the US wants to protect investors and put the country on an equal footing with the rest of the world.

Reasons that could be an impetus for the SEC to approve an ETF

The United States is lagging behind approval of an ETF related to the cryptomorph market. More than 20 ETFs already exist outside the United States, especially in Europe.

Therefore, the SEC needs to hurry to approve an ETF Bitcoin, so the Cryptosoft United States will be seeking to protect investors and put the country side by side with the rest of the world.

The Bloomberg news site recently conducted a Twitter survey to understand what investors think the SEC should approve of an ETF Bitcoin, the result being that nearly 80% of the 2,192 respondents said they believed the SEC should approve an ETF.

Bloomberg also found that 50% of the respondents would invest in an ETF Bitcoin.

ETFs have been doing well in Europe, for example in Sweden, the Bitcoin Tracker EUR was launched over five years ago. They are usually traded at small fees, thanks to the arbitration allowed by the stock creation / redemption process.

According to the SEC, the market for cryptomites in general is very vulnerable to manipulation and fraud, however, is becoming stronger with the arrival of large investors.

ETF can make market thrive
An ETF will accelerate the growth of this new market, giving even more transparency and promoting better surveillance in cryptomorphic brokers.

Traditional US investors pay high fees to invest in Bitcoin, they usually get a lot of funds traded in an over-the-counter market similar to closed-end funds.

The best known of these is the Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust, those who bought shares in the fund last year paid an average fee of about 18% more than the Bitcoin price. At an ETF, investors know they are paying a much closer price to the asset.

Investors like ETFs because they are convenient and easy, they don’t have to worry about digital wallet passwords, they just need to access the account at the brokers and they can easily buy, sell or just check the balance.

Thus, the SEC has several reasons to approve an ETF, but it is not yet clear how the Biden government will deal with the cryptomime market.

Reasons which may make SEC approve Bitcoin ETFs

Primo Rico says it „blinks“ and Bitcoin values more

Thiago Nigro, who recently regretted the sale of Bitcoin, commented again on the currency.

Accompanying Bitcoin’s high for some years, youtuber Thiago Nigro commented on the subject again. According to Primo Rico, as he is known on the internet, when he „flashes“, Bitcoin values in the market.

He followed closely the performance of Bitcoin in the last three weeks, when Bitcoin Aussie System review broke all records thereafter. Recently, Primo Rico confessed that selling Bitcoin was his biggest financial mistake ever made.

That’s because, the cousin would have bought Bitcoin in 2014, but sold it after some time. In 2019, he had bought back the currency, however, he sold again after XP Investimentos‘ Bitcoin broker XDEX closed its activities in Brazil.

Again the cousin regrets the opportunity, looking attentively for a possible correction.

Cousin Rico says that when it blinks, Bitcoin goes up

It is inevitable that Bitcoin’s rise in 2020 will be totally different from that seen in 2017. With the justification for the broad institutional adoption, when companies and billionaires buy Bitcoin since 2020, the price of the currency continues to rise.

Since December 16th, when Bitcoin broke the U$ 20 thousand, there has not yet been a region of strong resistance. This term, common among financial market traders, would indicate a region where the high cannot break easily.

According to Charlie Bilello, for example, not more than three days passed without Bitcoin breaking the historical top in the last weeks. The founder of Compound Capital Advisors analyzed the rapid growth of Bitcoin. This Thursday (7), Bitcoin exceeded U$ 40 thousand.

In Brazil the movement is also insane, with Bitcoin price surpassing with strength the U$ 200 thousand. The maximum quotation of the currency came close to $ 220 thousand, helped still by the dollar’s rise, which closed quoted at $ 5.40 today.

This way, with the speed of Bitcoin high, Primo Rico said that he can’t blink that Bitcoin goes up. According to him, the valuation of the digital asset would have registered a valuation of 100% in three weeks, but when blinking it would have to update the register.

Nevertheless, Primo is aware of falls in the price of currency

When asked, with irony, by a follower if this was the investment he should make, Nigro reacted by marking Nonô. Nonô’s profile is known for finding assets that give losses, and Primo asked for the opinion of the „expert“ about the Bitcoin moment.

Quoted, Nonô called Bitcoin a bubble, in spite of being a hard truth to swallow. Thiago Nigro did not comment anymore on the subject after this vision. Still, Bitcoin is the asset that continues to be, every day, Primo Rico’s worst trade.

Since the first day of 2021, Bitcoin has already valued 35% in relation to the Dollar. Already in relation to the Real, the valorization already surpasses 41% today. It is worth mentioning that these were the first seven days of the year, but the high started in 2020 and hasn’t found a brake yet.

That said, it is important that new investors pay attention to the Bitcoin moment, which steps on unknown lands. Thus, with successive records, there is no guarantee that the high is infinite. Therefore, to invest in this market today, people must carefully observe the possible entries, taking care with risk management.

Primo Rico says it „blinks“ and Bitcoin values more

La capitalisation boursière de la crypto se situe à un jet de pierre de 1 billion de dollars

Le 3 janvier 2021, le marché de la cryptographie a atteint une nouvelle valorisation record.

À 910 milliards de dollars, la classe d’actifs de monnaie numérique s’est rapprochée de l’indice de référence de 1 billion de dollars.

La domination de Bitcoin a également atteint un sommet de trois ans, s’établissant à 68%

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Le Trust Project est un consortium international d’organisations de presse établissant des normes de transparence.

Le 3 janvier 2021, la capitalisation boursière cumulative de tous les cryptos a grimpé à 913 milliards de dollars, un nouveau record absolu.

Pour la première fois en près de trois ans, la classe d’actifs cryptographiques s’est rapprochée d’une valorisation d’un billion de dollars ou plus. Le précédent record de valorisation totale du marché de la crypto-monnaie a été atteint vers le début de 2018.

S’élevant à environ 830 milliards de dollars à l’époque, la classe d’actifs n’a pas eu la chance de franchir l’indice de référence avant de subir une correction massive entre 2018 et 2020. Une forte résurgence récente a cependant ouvert la voie au marché de la cryptographie pour enfin réaliser un valorisation de 1 billion de dollars.

Bitcoin est maintenant le neuvième actif négocié le plus précieux au monde

Principaux actifs par capitalisation boursière: AssetDash

Selon AssetDash, un site Web classant les actifs négociables du monde par capitalisation boursière, Bitcoin est actuellement le neuvième actif le plus précieux au monde.

La crypto-monnaie est récemment entrée dans le top 10, surpassant Berkshire Hathaway et Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) il y a seulement quelques jours. À environ 600 milliards de dollars, Bitcoin est maintenant à deux pas de dépasser même Tesla et Alibaba.

Notamment, Berkshire Hathaway est dirigé par Warren Buffett – un investisseur célèbre qui a rejeté Bitcoin et le marché de la crypto-monnaie à plusieurs reprises. Dans un cas, pas plus tard qu’en 2018, le magnat des affaires américain est allé jusqu’à qualifier l’actif numérique de „ poison au rat au carré “.

Les principaux actifs cryptographiques poussent-ils à eux seuls la capitalisation boursière totale?

Pourcentage de domination: CoinMarketCap

Une autre métrique qui s’est ralliée au cours de cette course haussière est la domination de Bitcoin par rapport aux autres jetons numériques. Responsable d’environ 68% de la capitalisation boursière totale de la cryptographie, Bitcoin se dresse au-dessus de ses compatriotes. Ce chiffre représente un sommet de trois ans pour le jeton numérique, qui a perdu une part importante de sa part de marché en 2017.

Même si Bitcoin représentait confortablement la part du lion de la capitalisation boursière totale pendant près d’une décennie, la prolifération des ICO et de nouvelles crypto-monnaies lors de la précédente course haussière a dilué sa domination. Cette métrique est passée de la fourchette élevée de 80% au début de 2017 à 33% dérisoire en janvier 2018, selon les données de CoinMarketCap.

La capitalisation boursière de la crypto se situe à un jet de pierre de 1 billion de dollars

O projeto Loopring (LRC) de escala de camada 2 dispara

O projeto Loopring (LRC) de escala de camada 2 dispara mais de 50% mais alto em meio ao congestionamento da rede Ethereum

Como todo o mercado de criptogramas foi mais elevado no último dia, a rede Ethereum ficou congestionada.

A taxa média de gás que os usuários estavam Bitcoin Revolution pagando ontem à noite estava próxima de 500 Gwei, o que significa que apenas para enviar ETH de endereço para endereço custava $10. Para contextualizar 500 Gwei, aqui estão mais algumas estatísticas:

  • 30 dólares para segundo uma ficha ERC-20 de endereço para endereço
  • $60 para negociar na Uniswap, assumindo que apenas um par comercial é utilizado
  • 100 dólares para fazer um depósito em um cofre Yearn
  • E muito mais para fazer tarefas mais complicadas dentro da DeFi

Enquanto muitos usuários podiam lidar com estas taxas enquanto ganhavam dinheiro em seus negócios, usuários com apenas algumas centenas de dólares tinham que sentar em suas moedas.

Esta tendência resultou no desenvolvimento de uma narrativa a respeito da necessidade de soluções de escala Ethereum, especialmente porque a próxima corrida de touro parece ter chegado em força total, com investidores de varejo se envolvendo.

Um projeto parece estar se beneficiando desta narrativa, Loopring.

Loopring é um protocolo de escalonamento Ethereum que lançou uma segunda camada de troca descentralizada aparentemente inspirada pela Uniswap. O protocolo é baseado no zkRollups, uma tecnologia que tenta migrar a maior parte da demanda da transação para uma segunda camada.
Loopring vê tração no dia do congestionamento do Ethereum

Loopring está vendo uma forte tração, já que o Ethereum ficou congestionado.

Os investidores começaram a tomar conhecimento da Loopring quando Matthew Finestone notou que custava $0,0125 para trocar a LRC para ETH através da troca da Loopring, que não tem taxas de gás.

O tweet que anunciava isso passou a ser cripto-viral, pois muitos usuários expressaram sua preocupação em gastar tanto em transações com o Ethereum.

O custo do gás para uma troca agora mesmo na Uniswap: ~$47. (500 gwei, 100k de gás, ETH $955). + 0,3% de taxa LP. Outros L1 AMMs são ainda mais caros e intensivos em gás.

Loopring L2 AMM: 0,25% de taxa. Sem gás.

Aqui eu troco $5 de LRC em ETH. Eu pago $0,0125 de taxa.

Ninguém paga em L2 ✊

– Matthew Finestone | 3body.eth (@finestonematt) 3 de janeiro de 2021

Loopring também anunciou mais tarde naquela noite que a volatilidade havia dado à plataforma seu „dia de maior volume de sempre“, com pouco menos de US$ 2 milhões negociados.

Acontece que a volatilidade selvagem + preços super altos do gás são uma receita para o sucesso da L2.

Nosso dia de maior volume já negociado hoje na Bolsa Loopring (mesmo v1). Sentimo-nos extasiados e agradecidos 🙏

Sabemos que ainda é pouco tempo, mas imagine quando Ethereum zkRollups se infiltra em tudo 🚀

– Loopringorg (@loopringorg) 4 de janeiro de 2021

Enquanto isto está longe de ser Uniswap, que transaciona mais de $300 milhões por dia, o mercado está respondendo comprando a moeda nativa LRC da Loopring.

Por dados do mercado CryptoSlate, a moeda baseada no Ethereum subiu 50% nas últimas 24 horas ao subir para $0,33.

A moeda criptográfica aumentou 70% no último mês e mais de 1.300 nos últimos 12 meses.

É provável que o mercado lance a moeda mais alto se a narrativa em torno das soluções de escalonamento camada dois continuar.

Cresce a propaganda em torno de outras soluções de escalonamento

A moda também está crescendo em torno de outros projetos de escalonamento.

O Optimism, uma equipe de desenvolvimento Ethereum, deverá lançar uma versão beta ou soft de sua solução de escalonamento chamada Optimistic Ethereum em 15 de janeiro.

Espera-se que o Optimism implemente o Optimism Ethereum com suporte para Synthetix, a plataforma descentralizada de câmbio e derivativos.

Há também rumores de que a Uniswap lançará algum tipo de teste de camada dois ou versão no Optimistic Ethereum, embora isto ainda não tenha sido confirmado.

Espera-se que a versão completa da solução seja lançada em 15 de março.

O projeto Loopring (LRC) de escala de camada 2 dispara