Cardano will „dwarf“ Tezos after his hard bifurcation, security auditor says

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Quantstamp, a company that has been auditing Cardano’s code base (ADA) for the past two months, believes that after the hard bifurcation Shelley, Cardano will follow only Ethereum (ETH) as a smart contract platform, dwarfing its archrival, Tezos (XTZ).

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Cardano’s code base „is one of the best“
Quantstamp CEO Richard Ma told Cointelegraph that, in his opinion, Cardano has one of the best codes in the whole blockchain space. He believes it is on par with the Prysm of ETH 2.0:

„It’s clear that they’ve made a great effort internally to solidly test and properly design the code and it really shows through the launch without a hitch. We also recently audited Prysm from ETH 2.0 and would say that in terms of quality, like Prysm, it is one of the best code bases we have seen“.

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Speaking about Shelley’s recent hard bifurcation, Quantstamp communications manager Jaye Harrill told Cointelegraph that by the end of 2020, they expect Cardano to be second only to Bitcoin Future in popularity as a smart contract platform. Harrill also feels that Cardano will „dwarf“ Tezos as a participation test (PoS) blockchain:

„The move to the Shelley era means that Cardano will be the second most popular smart contract platform, second only to Ethereum at the end of the year. As a proof of participation system, it will dwarf Tezos.

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Hoskinson: smart contracts and native assets to come soon
Today, in response to EOS founder Daniel Larimer on Twitter, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson stated that by the end of the year, smart contracts and native assets will reach the platform along with low latency:

Shelley de Cardano’s hard fork will happen tomorrow, no interruptions expected
In recent years, developers have created most of their decentralized applications on Ethereum. However, if things go according to Hoskinson’s plan, Cardano will soon be able to directly challenge Ethereum’s dominance in the industry.