There is something lazy about the crypto exchange WEX – users can not withdraw their money

Users of the crypto exchange WEX, the successor of the Russian platform BTC-e, report problems with the withdrawal of their money. This raises new questions. Slowly it becomes uncomfortable, because the users want to know – of course rightly – when everything is okay again.

The problems of the users occurred after some unusual phenomena had been observed on the platform. Earlier this week, the price of Bitcoin against the US dollar on WEX suddenly rose to 9,000. Scene observers explain that this anomaly could have a number of causes: from short-term increases in platform withdrawal fees to suspicions of bankruptcy.

According to BTC-ECHO, Btc-e was renamed WEX on September 15, 2017, after a relaunch of the Crypto Exchange was required due to numerous incidents involving hacker attacks and government intervention. At that time, too, difficulties with the payout option had been identified in the run-up to the relaunch.

Numerous open questions regarding the news spy

The Russian news agency RBK reports that the news spy owner of WEX, Dmitry Vassiliev, associates the price differences with activities of Dmitry Sutormin, a former WEX manager. Vassiliev explained that Sutormin, vice president of the Russian Association for Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain and Russian venture investor, had sold a large number of the news spy.

Sutormin has carried out the purchase and sale of WEX codes in any quantities. Vassiliev explains that „this means that there are now a lot of these codes on the market. Everyone who bought these codes now wants to buy Bitcoin. As prices went up, few are ready to sell.“ Via Facebook, Vassiliev had announced that he was not sure what role Sutormin was currently playing. He did not want to comment on further details.

Sutormin, however, explained that he had no connection to WEX and never worked there. „I bought and sold my own codes, in fact I was a customer of the exchange,“ he said. When asked why he wanted to sell his codes, he said he was influenced by the hype about crypto currencies and added that this was a popular store in Moscow.

Who runs the Bitcoin secret now?

Vassiliev’s comments cast doubt on who is currently running the Bitcoin secret. had reported that Vassiliev intended to sell the stock exchange to Dmitry Khavchenko. Khavchenko is a former volunteer fighter in the war in Ukraine and a participant in the military conflicts in Crimea. There he had supported the Russian annexation in 2014.

Khavchenko told RBK that he would move WEX’s office to Crimea and register the company in the war-torn Donbas region of Ukraine. On Twitter, however, WEX denied that it was planning to sell the company. In addition, they did not answer any questions about who is currently responsible or why or how the rise in prices occurred at the beginning of the week.

There is something lazy about the crypto exchange WEX – users can not withdraw their money