Primo Rico says it „blinks“ and Bitcoin values more

Thiago Nigro, who recently regretted the sale of Bitcoin, commented again on the currency.

Accompanying Bitcoin’s high for some years, youtuber Thiago Nigro commented on the subject again. According to Primo Rico, as he is known on the internet, when he „flashes“, Bitcoin values in the market.

He followed closely the performance of Bitcoin in the last three weeks, when Bitcoin Aussie System review broke all records thereafter. Recently, Primo Rico confessed that selling Bitcoin was his biggest financial mistake ever made.

That’s because, the cousin would have bought Bitcoin in 2014, but sold it after some time. In 2019, he had bought back the currency, however, he sold again after XP Investimentos‘ Bitcoin broker XDEX closed its activities in Brazil.

Again the cousin regrets the opportunity, looking attentively for a possible correction.

Cousin Rico says that when it blinks, Bitcoin goes up

It is inevitable that Bitcoin’s rise in 2020 will be totally different from that seen in 2017. With the justification for the broad institutional adoption, when companies and billionaires buy Bitcoin since 2020, the price of the currency continues to rise.

Since December 16th, when Bitcoin broke the U$ 20 thousand, there has not yet been a region of strong resistance. This term, common among financial market traders, would indicate a region where the high cannot break easily.

According to Charlie Bilello, for example, not more than three days passed without Bitcoin breaking the historical top in the last weeks. The founder of Compound Capital Advisors analyzed the rapid growth of Bitcoin. This Thursday (7), Bitcoin exceeded U$ 40 thousand.

In Brazil the movement is also insane, with Bitcoin price surpassing with strength the U$ 200 thousand. The maximum quotation of the currency came close to $ 220 thousand, helped still by the dollar’s rise, which closed quoted at $ 5.40 today.

This way, with the speed of Bitcoin high, Primo Rico said that he can’t blink that Bitcoin goes up. According to him, the valuation of the digital asset would have registered a valuation of 100% in three weeks, but when blinking it would have to update the register.

Nevertheless, Primo is aware of falls in the price of currency

When asked, with irony, by a follower if this was the investment he should make, Nigro reacted by marking Nonô. Nonô’s profile is known for finding assets that give losses, and Primo asked for the opinion of the „expert“ about the Bitcoin moment.

Quoted, Nonô called Bitcoin a bubble, in spite of being a hard truth to swallow. Thiago Nigro did not comment anymore on the subject after this vision. Still, Bitcoin is the asset that continues to be, every day, Primo Rico’s worst trade.

Since the first day of 2021, Bitcoin has already valued 35% in relation to the Dollar. Already in relation to the Real, the valorization already surpasses 41% today. It is worth mentioning that these were the first seven days of the year, but the high started in 2020 and hasn’t found a brake yet.

That said, it is important that new investors pay attention to the Bitcoin moment, which steps on unknown lands. Thus, with successive records, there is no guarantee that the high is infinite. Therefore, to invest in this market today, people must carefully observe the possible entries, taking care with risk management.

Primo Rico says it „blinks“ and Bitcoin values more